Monday, December 8, 2014

Irsilia+Will's Westin Wedding

The Proposal: Will got his proposal idea when Irsilia told him that she had only once when she was little been on the Ferris Wheel at Navy Pier. Will told her that he wanted to treat her to a weekend in downtown Chicago to celebrate their two year anniversary. Getting breakfast at her favorite restaurant, spend the day walking around downtown, and going to Navy Pier was the plan.

There was just one thing she didn't know about, and that was the hard part. While Irsilia was away on vacation with her family, Will called her best friend to meet him at the jewelery store to help pick out the perfect ring. He told the families and their closest friends to be at Navy Pier before Will and Irsilia arrived, where they would be met by his mom, who would give them all of the instructions. 
The couple made a B line for the ferris wheel when they got to Navy Pier. Once they were on the ride, Will pretended to notice something going on below them on the ground. He told her to look, but she couldn't see. Will insisted, "no, look again, I swear there's something there." And as she looks down again, she sees all of the friends and family below, each holding a card with letters that spelled out: IRSILIA WILL YOU MARRY ME? Shocked, she turned back to look at Will and sees him, on one knee, with a ring in his hand. "Oh my God, Are you serious?!" she exclaims. 

Will was shaking, and more nervous than he had ever imagined he would be. The words he went over in his head a hundred times didn't come out because her smile left him speechless. When she said yes, he was the happiest man alive. A friend yelled from below, "Will! What did she say?!" Will shouted back, "SHE SAID YES!" And with that, the entire place erupted with applause.
Newly engaged, they enjoyed the rest of the ride and prepared to meet with all of our friends and family.  It was such a beautiful day and Will couldn't have asked for the plan to go any better. 

The Wedding: The day started with Irsilia getting ready at the Westin, and Will getting ready at his parent's house. Irsilia's hair and makeup were by Style on Site, gown by Allure from VIP Occasions, and shoes by Chinese Laundry. The Bridesmaid's wore J Crew, with accessories made by the bride.
The Groom and Groomsmen wore suits from Leonard's Fine Men's Clothing
After getting ready, we headed to Old St. Pat's for the ceremony. Exiting the church, we hopped on the Trolley to go around town for photos. Olive Park, the bridges, and the Board of Trade were among the places we visited before heading back to the reception at the Westin.
The receptions was U of I themed, with florals were by AberdeensOak Mill Bakery made the cake, and the evenings entertainment was by Sound Pro DJ. A great time was had by all.
Congrats Irsilia and Will!

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