Friday, May 13, 2011

Maggie and Danny's Baby Bump

In 2007 we had the opportunity to work with Maggie and Danny for there wedding. Since then a lot has happened including the newest addition to their family! We were so thrilled when they called us up to do maternity pictures!

It can sometimes be difficult for portrait subjects to warm to the camera, but, after we'd been shooting for a while we ended up catching our lucky break when Maggie's back started to ache and Danny instinctually started rubbing it for her. While we already had made some artistic pictures, it wasn't until they relaxed and did what they always did that we made a picture that everyone agreed was truly them. It just goes to show, sometimes it's the moments in between moments that are the most successful!

In any case, all of our best wishes to the soon to be parents, Maggie and Danny!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Engagement Session: Michelle & Dave

Michelle & Dave are a fun, goofy couple.  We shot their engagement session at the Botanic Gardens - a beautiful spot for photos!  They're getting married this June at Independence Grove and we can't wait.  Check back later for their wedding photos!